Slightly Imperfect by Greg Malcolm

Slightly Imperfect: a musical performance by Greg Malcolm, Jenny Ward, Rosie Langabeer and Joseph McCallum that plays with the concept of ‘folly’ and ‘foley’ by placing the songs and poetry of Ivor Cutler into an absurd, strange, magical and childlike world. Greg Malcolm and Jenny Ward performed with Rosie Langabeer at the Hawkes Bay Arts Festival 2018. Reviewer Jess Soutar Barron stated: “It is a gem that deserves a full house. Ward is bewitching and shows total focus, which is beautiful to watch. Musically there is something more here, this is surrealist folk, or free folk, jazz-less improvisation. Using domestic objects and repurposing them to bring out sounds that are deeply human, shows music lies within everything.”

Supported by Jenny Ward, Rosie Langabeer, and Joseph McCallum

Sunday 26 February, 10:30
Main Stage


Greg Malcolm is a guitarist, composer and improviser. He has a long history creating sound; he has composed, performed and recorded for short films, theatre, children’s performance, radio plays, and held solo art exhibitions. He has toured extensively within New Zealand, Europe and internationally. Rosie Langabeer is a multi-instrumentalist who is concerned mostly with spontaneity, sound, caring and finding ways to connect and collaborate with others. Her experience is in bespoke music for different situations ranging from fancy theatre productions to nature kindergarten to public art installations to cartoon soundtracks to gigs in dive bars, concert halls, living rooms and car parks. She has created and performed music for the past twenty years and in front of thousands of people around Aotearoa and in Philadelphia, New York, Mexico, Sri Lanka, France and Japan. Chuffed to be sharing the stage with Greg and Jenny again Langabeer is looking forward to performing these strange Ivor Cutler curiosities for all who can be there. Jenny Ward is a singer, actress, extended vocalist and educator. Her recent performances include the Human International Documentary Film in Oslo 2020, Vandaler Forening 2019 in Oslo, The Hawkes Bay Arts Festival 2018, Audio Foundation 2017 and the Jazz Festival Wellington 2018.