I want you to approve of me.

If I wave, do you wave back?

If I pass you a ball, do you pass it back?

If I make myself vulnerable, are you open?

Melody feels out of place. She feels disconnected from a community that she thought she belonged to. She is worried about not being able to say how she really feels.

DEMO is her reaction.

DEMO is a movement-based performance examining human interactions and seeks to DEMOlish the walls that separate you and me.

Creator: Melody Rachel Direction: Karolina Ristevski

Sunday 26 February, 13:00
Main Stage


Melody is an emerging performance maker currently residing in Sydney, Australia. She creates movement-based solo performance works exploring human nature and identity. Her work focuses on emphasising our common humanity and often involves audience participation. Karolina Ristevski has a Bachelor of Creative Arts from the University of Wollongong. She is a director, playwright and theatre wrangler with 3 plays under her belt. In her work, she aims to challenge the cultural landscape by retaliating as a middle-aged woman who hasn’t dominated the market for the past ten years.