Choreo graphies (of the memories I invent not to miss what I didn’t live) by Janaína Moraes

This is an invitation: come have your memory danced on-paper and in-situ. Choreo graphies is a series of choreographies where rhythms, (s)pace, repetition and minor gestures are captured in-between voice and skin, gesture and ears, sound and paper. One-on-one, the work situates dance as a site-specific encounter between narrator and narrative.

Entangling choreographies of telling, reading and hearing, this performance embodies memories through voice, inscription and movement: for each memory, a choreography and for each choreography a dance to/with the audience member. Come experience a continuous-yet-ephemeral becoming of remembrances. Come challenge authorship, collaboration, and what choreography can be.

Sunday 26 February, 12:00-20:00
Ongoing, meet at Box Office, Gallery foyer

Janaína Moraes


Brazilian artist based in Aotearoa (New Zealand), Janaína’s work navigates between dance, language, performance, pedagogy and research as entangled and expanded art forms. Focused in an invitation poétics, she proposes choreography as events that create temporary containers for communities to come together. Founder of the Ajuntamento Abre Salas (Art Gathering from Brazil and beyond) and Artist Liaison at MAP Studios residency programme Research Exchange 2022. She has been an artist in residence throughout the globe, including Europe, South America, Central America and Australasia. She is currently a doctoral researcher in Dance Studies at the University of Auckland.