Dream Ballet in Surround Sound by Sarah Aiken and Rebecca Jensen/Deep Soulful Sweats

A dance is transmitted across the Tasman, sent by post, by bottle floating at sea, footwork transcribed and laid down on different ground.

Look to the west

Walk to the west

Turn around, right foot, left foot

See the landscape


Responsibility and authorship is distributed to participants with artists instructing from across the ditch. This collective experience shares choreography through the post and the internet, culminating in an accelerating line dance the audience performs together.

Saturday 25 February, 17:30
Gallery Forecourt

Deep Soulful Sweats_Crystal Touch_Keelan OHehir
DSS_Crystal Touch_Keelan OHehir


Sarah Aiken & Rebecca Jensen/Deep Soulful Sweats have a 10-year history of creating experimental choreography and participatory performance, crafting unique experiences for theatres, galleries, community, film, music & site responsive contexts. Described as formally reckless, their work slips between codified forms and unbridled invention, considering our complicated relationships to national identity, environment and a warming climate. A freeform maximalist style, amasses images in a torrent of references, satirical, sincere, absurd and unapologetic. Notable works include; What Am I Supposed To Do? (WAISTD) (Take Over! Commission. Arts Centre Melbourne/Melbourne Fringe 2019) Underworld (Melbourne Knowledge Week 2019, Supercell Festival Brisbane, Darebin Arts 2017), OVERWORLD (Next Wave 2014, Dance Massive 2015). Deep Soulful Sweats has featured Castlemaine Festival, MPavilion, Ian Potter Museum of Art, Tempo Festival (Auckland, NZ), Santarcangelo Festival (Italy), Brisbane Festival, PICA, Festival of Live Art, Next Wave Festival, Dark Faux Mo, Chunky Move and Testing Grounds and maintains a dedicated local following.