Ipo by Tru Paraha and Jesse Quaid

  1. The Haze
    What mists obscure this finery, this vagrant flesh?

  2. The Gaze
    The audience retrograde; I see dead people.

  3. The Maze
    You are amazed, my love, it is amazing.

Ipo is a speculative choreography created by Tru Paraha and performed by Jesse Quaid. Climate horror, lambs, and romance entangle in an Aotearoan diaspora. This solo-expanded work presents a motley assemblage of pirated movement, sound files, and NZ slaughterhouse choreofictions. Ipo is a dance so murky it could have come straight out of a flash flood. The body shakes, gets down on all fours, and sometimes goes splat.

Sunday 26 February, 17:00
Main Stage

Tru Paraha, Ipo, Tiny Fest performance, Photo by Peter Jennings
Tru Paraha, Ipo, Jesse Quaid bio pic, Photo by Monica Kwon


Tru Paraha (Ngāti Hine) is an experimental artist and choreographer. A New Zealand School of Dance alumna, she has toured festivals in Malaysia, America, New Caledonia, England, Italy, Holland, Germany, Austria, and Belgium and held residencies in Tahiti, Japan, Australia, and throughout Aotearoa. Tru’s independent productions regularly feature at national art events and festivals, including the Undisciplining Dance Symposium, Kowhiti Dance Festival, Votive Poetics Symposium, Tempo Dance Festival, and Experimental Dance Week Aotearoa. Her works have been presented in heritage sites, galleries, theatres, bespoke studios, and marae and absorb a range of interests, including tātai arorangi, darkness, and dirty technologies.