HYPAMASS: the solos by CONJAH

A Krump-Theatre Dance experience that uncovers the boy to recover the man. We are the sons of concrete giants, seeking to find ourselves through each other.

There are no rites of passage; so we name our own.

From the world of HYPAMASS (2021), HYPAMASS: the solos showcases the solo works of globally recognised dancers 12AF and XIII. Reckoning with the legacies of masculinity whilst navigating towards communal healing for Pasifika and Māori men, HYPAMASS: the solos is an intimate and visceral dance experience, pulling apart the masks we create to confront what remains. Produced by CONJAH (Ooshcon and Jahra Wasasala)

featuring Byrin Mita (XIII), Trenten Baskcomb-Omeri (12AF), and Jay Mita (PlainSundaee)

Sunday 26 February, 20:00
Main Stage


Jahra Wasasala (Fijian/Pakeha) and Ooshcon (Samoan/Pakeha), collectively known as CONJAH, are award-winning artists and world-builders, based within the collision of multiple forces. CONJAH’S evolving practice lives within the physicality of the beyond-physical-body, the twisting of story and the unravelling of visions as memory. Whilst Jahra and Ooshcon have been training, building and performing their extensive solo works internationally and nationally, under the collaborative world-bending entity of CONJAH, Jahra and Ooshcon are a growing creative entity within and beyond the mediums of Street Dance, Physical Theatre, Poetry, Digital work and Film. Together, CONJAH holds the depths of their extensive solo bodies of work, their genealogy and their focus of connection, excavation and world-building as a way of magnifying each other’s visions, enabling them to do the same with the collaborators and friends they work with.